Why Kokoomus?

I met an enthusiastic ex-pat the other week, on the election-fair in central Turku. She was excited because this was the first time she was allowed to vote in an election in Finland, after spending 3 years living and working here. She was unhappy however, because candidates here generally don’t put out information in English. I wanted to change that! In this text I want to make a case for why every concerned resident should vote for the National Coalition Party, Kokoomus, in this election.

Finland is at a crossroads. Our welfare society which was built in the 1960-80’s (and has immensely improved our quality of life), is having issues adjusting to the new globalized world. Our demographic outlook is bleak and the labor market isn’t working properly, because the labor markets are stiff. This leads to high unemployment and lower revenue for the public sector. All of this is putting our way of life to the test. We can either close our eyes and do nothing and let things get progressively worse, or we can actively choose to try out new models for sustaining the welfare society in this changed world. I sincerely believe there is only one party that truly understands that we have to change. And that is the National Coalition, Kokoomus. And that’s why I chose Kokoomus.

During this municipal election Turku is in better shape than it has been in decades. The entire city is buzzing. Yet we have immense unused potential, which I demand we start using. That means revitalizing the Kupittaa-Itäharju and campus –region so that it becomes a new urban center for living, working and science, that 15 000 people will call “home”. That means building a one-hour-train-connection to Helsinki from Kupittaa. With these public-private investments and the rising industries in the greater Turku-region, we can create long-term growth and revenue for the city, which will then allow us to pursue our true ambitions: securing the well-being and welfare of our residents. That’s why I chose Kokoomus.

As the chairman for the Youth Council in Turku I believe we should use this new revenue on one issue in particular -securing equal opportunities for all residents. When we can collect more taxes from the new booming industries and companies, and get our unemployment reduced from 15%, we can pay for more teachers, smaller classrooms, equal distribution of services etc. Only by growth can we pay for the vast collection of programs that help all of us live a happy, full and successful life. Equal opportunities are the single most important component in a healthy society, and that’s why equal opportunities should be the number-one-priority of any municipality –Turku included.

Because of these reasons above all I will vote Kokoomus in the elections on 9th April, and I hope you will too. Vote Kokoomus, vote for 312, vote for Alexis Vartiainen!


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